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Hello! I am Anastasia Belyakova and I am the founder of the Blush Pink Events agency that organizes the most important life events.

For me, organizing weddings is more than just work, a hobby or business. It is an integral part of my life that inspires me every single day. You may be assured, these are not empty words, I’ve really found what I like. The world of weddings is my world, soul and passion.

It is important for me to become a loyal partner for my clients and create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation. Trust is an integral part of our relationship. Every client, every couple and their story is a small life I dive headlong into, armed with enthusiasm and a list of endless ideas. The best proof of that is my fiery eyes.

Having come a long way, I realized what really makes my heart beat faster. It’s important for me not only to organize your event, it’s crucial for me to fill it with lots of smallest details and moments, your sincere emotions and emotions of your guests, to tell your story - amazing and unique, not like any other. I love cozy small family weddings with a small number of guests. Such weddings are usually called "intimate" and, in my opinion, this word defines the atmosphere that I seek to envelop your celebration with most accurately.

In the decor, I stick to the organic style and natural beauty, trying to emphasize the magnificence and beauty of nature, therefore, when it comes to photography, the Fine Art direction is the closest to me in spirit. Each photograph is carefully thought out in terms of composition and lighting, what distinguishes it from the rest. Try to recall what your most cherished memories are. A smile of a loved one, a barely perceptible touch, exchanged glances... Life consists of these tiny moments and details and it is very important to make these moments tangible by capturing them in photo, which will be timeless.

When I do not organize weddings, I spend time at home with my husband and two wonderful children. I am grateful to life for the fact that I can do what I love - to create the most important events in the lives of my beloved clients and, at the same time, to be a mother, stay at home with my children and watch them grow every day. I am extremely happy to be on this amazing journey and would not like to change anything!

Now that you know a little about me, I would like to know more about you and hear your love story!


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