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We strive to ensure that each

The item was perfect for your special day!

Thanks to our services, including the full development of the wedding style and coordination, we will help to realize your most cherished wedding dreams.

We always make sure that the design of the wedding is at the highest level, and the details have been carefully worked out.

So, if you feel a little out of place with the wedding style and you need help to bring all your desires together - this package of services is for you.

We will select a color palette, prepare a mudboard and talk about how you can integrate your main theme or concept into everything and bring your vision to life.  

We look forward to helping you arrange a wedding that will be as gorgeous as you dream!



  • initial consultation to understand your vision and unique wedding style and design, discuss your wishes, dates, places and budget

  • 1 visit to the ceremony and dinner venue

  • unlimited consultation in preparation

  • development of a design concept, with the creation of an individual color palette and mudboard

  • creating a budget tracker for all decor elements

  • search, selection and conclusion of contracts with florists and decor rental providers

  • search, production and / or purchase of necessary decorative elements

  • organization of deliveries

  • presence, coordination and control of decoration on a wedding day

AGENCY FEE- 500 Euro

Email us today to discuss in detail

Our Package of services for Wedding Style and Design.

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